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Weve all had days when we dont have the energy to tie our athletic
shoes, let alone bounce around in them. But exercise can give a daily
blast to your mind, body, and soul.

Here are fifteen quick tips to get you moving:

1. Dont get intimidated by the prospect of a daily exercise regimen.
You dont have to run a marathon. You need only get your body moving
each day. Once you tone your muscles, youll naturally find yourself
wanting to do more challenging workouts.

2. Reframe the way you think about exercise. Begin to think of each
workout as a gift you give to yourself instead of just another
should, ought, or must.

3. Make sure you enjoy your exercise program. Some people like classes.
Some people dont. Choose whats right for you so it becomes something
you actually look forward to.

4. Make sure your workout is convenient. Schedule it for a time of day
when you typically feel the most energetic. Have your gym bag packed
and ready to go by the door or in the car.

5. Make your workout weather-proof. If you run or walk outside, get the
right workout gear so weather conditions are never an excuse.

6. Make sure youre doing it right. One reason for wanting to quit
exercising is injury or pain. Check with your doctor before you start
an exercise program so you know youre safe in the workout you choose.
And check in with trainers, too, if youre working on equipment at the
gym or trying a new sport.

7. If youre having a low-energy day, tell yourself you have to
exercise for only ten minutes. That will get you moving, and once
youre in the exercise groove, youll usually want to finish your

8. Go with friends. Start a group for walking, running, or training.
The camaraderie (and peer pressure) can do wonders for your daily

9. After a really good workout, write a few notes in your journal about
how good you feel. Use it as a reference the next time you dont want to

10. Start with small goals. If you want to run for 30 minutes, for
example, start by walking fast. When you can do that, make a goal to
spend those 30 minutes running for one minute, walking for one minute.
When you build on these smaller goals, youll be running in no time.
And youll give your confidence a boost, too.

11. Recognize that some days it will be easier to exercise, and some days
youll have to struggle through the workout. This has to do with a lot of
factors, including mood, hormones, the glass of wine you had last night...
Take the pressure off by understanding the fluctations. And exercise

12. Try behavior modification tapes. Mike Brescia has a good one for
exercising here:
This audiotape is not self-hypnotizing or subliminal. Youll hear every
message, but these messages are subtle and, for many people, effective.

13. Use a visible reward system. The effects of exercise are cumulative
and long-term, so sometimes it helps to see your results on a daily
basis. After each workout, put a big red star on the calendar as a symbol
that you completed the days workout. Take photos of yourself every month
in your workout gear so you have a visual record of your results, too.

14. Get to the bottom of your exercise aversion. For women, if its the
run-of-the-mill gym you cant stand, try a women-oriented fitness center,
such as Curves. This is a fast-growing fitness phenomenon, and many
women feel like their workout becomes a 30-minute vacation--like a girls
night out at the exercise machines.

15. Be gentle with yourself. Take a day off at least once a week. And if
you do skip a few workouts, dont beat yourself up, but do get right back
in the routine. The fewer consecutive days you skip, the more likely
youll be to make your workout a lasting gift you give to yourself.

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