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The filing fee of an application, except in design and plant cases, consists of a basic fee and additional fees. The basic fee entitles applicant to present twenty (20) claims, including not more than three (3) in independent form. An additional fee is required for each claim in independent form which is in excess of three (3) and an additional fee is required for each claim (whether independent or dependent) which is in excess of a total of twenty (20) claims. If the application contains multiple dependent claims, additional fees are required.
If the owner of the invention is a small entity, (an independent inventor, a small business concern or a non-profit organization), the filing fees are reduced by half if the small entity files a verified statement. Copies of sample verification statements are enclosed.
To avoid errors in the payment of fees it is suggested that the table in the enclosed patent application transmittal letter be utilized to calculate the fee payment.
In calculating fees, a claim is in singularly dependent form if it incorporates by reference a single preceding claim which may be an independent or a dependent claim. A multiple dependent claim or any claim depending therefrom shall be considered as separate dependent claims in accordance with the number of claims to which reference is made.
The law also provides for the payment of additional fees on presentation of additional claims after the application is filed.
When an amendment is filed which presents additional claims over the total number already paid for, or additional independent claims over the number of independent claims already accounted for, it must be accompanied by any additional fees due.
Please Note: The fees are current as of the revision date.
Fees are subject to change in October each year therefore they should be verified before submission to the PTO. A fee schedule may be obtained by writing 16 Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C. 20231 -- Attention Public Service Branch.

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